New year, New you, New home?

New year, New you, New home?

Okay, so we know that everyone and their mother is setting goals, setting plans and making sure that they are ready to kill it in 2020 and throughout the decade.  

But, while you are minimalizing, reorganizing it might also be time to take a step back and understand when it might be time to look at your home and if it is still the right fit for you. 

First:  Can you still afford it.  

This year could be the year that you are renewing your mortgage and possibly things have changed financially.  Talk with your financial advisor, bank and mortgage person to really know if this is still going to fit into your financial plan for the next 5-10 years.  If not, then a good time to go is now. Get it listed before the burden continues to grow. 

Second:  Does it still fit your needs

In the past year, or few years has the space in your home shifted? Perhaps you started to work from home, or you stopped working from home.  Rooms might be used for double duty and you are tired of having that issue. We see often people who need to grow their garage storage space or basement storage because they have had a few kids and the extra space they had has disappeared.  January is a good time to assess will this house fulfills our needs for another year, or should we be looking at the spring market? It isn’t that far off and the timeline gives you a bit of breathing room for decluttering, reorganizing and getting it sale-ready. 

Third: I think it is time to relocate

In the past year, you might have added a family member to your home and need to think about a yard and playgrounds, schools and nature.  Maybe moving out of the city is what is needed. Take a little drive out around the burbs and see what it is like, so you can decide if that is the right fit for you.  And vice Versa, perhaps you had a move to the ‘burbs a few years ago and now upon living there, you have decided you need a more busy lifestyle. Take the time this January to really see what it is like in these spaces.  

There are always more reasons to assess your home like your relationship status has changed and you either need to find a new home or a bigger home.  Either way, it is always good to start the new year off by looking at where you see yourself in the next year. Planning it out can always help make the transition easier and better prepared with what you want. If you are in need of some advice, get in touch and we are happy to chat! 

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