Making your home a little greener!

Making your home a little greener!

As we head into the indoor season (for most people), it is a good time to start planning renovations, spring listings and perhaps how to make your home a bit greener. With the ever-changing climate, every little bit helps.

But how can we do this, without breaking the bank?  


Buy some LED lights (in fact, try to change them all). They don’t use as much energy and still light up the room. You can even get a few that are able to connect to your Alexa or Google Home. They are certainly more expensive to purchase, but last longer.  


Get a new Thermostat. While that seems a bit strange, it is a huge step in helping save energy. Programming your heat (and by extension your AC) helps to keep your system running smoothly, but more importantly, it uses less energy (see our theme is working). On average, it can help save you upwards of $300 per year. 


Plug all the air holes in your home (other than your dryer vent or necessary home vents). This is a two-fold tip, it will help keep out the unwanted critters and help keep the home warmer. Simple. 


Insulate or re-insulate your attic. Over time insulation starts to lose its efficacy, adding more will allow you to optimize your attic (it also allows you to look around the attic and find out if any holes or animals have started to congregate in the roof).


Make sure that you are up to date on your community recycling plan – Do you have a good grasp on what you’re putting into what box? It seems simple, but ensuring you are sorting properly will help in the long run.  


Remember to keep lights off, try to not run fans unless necessary, clean your fireplaces for optimal use. All these little things help to make sure you are helping in keeping your energy usages efficient and hopefully helping to make things a little greener! 


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