Yes, you can still decorate for Halloween – and be selling your home.

Yes, you can still decorate for Halloween – and be selling your home.

Who doesn’t like decorating for Halloween?  Jack-o-lanterns, hanging skulls, black curtains…the whole shebang!  But…. Halloween and home sales don’t often go hand in hand. So we thought we would share a few tips (we are all about the tips!) to help keep the festivities going and still have a home people want to come and see. 


First tip:  Take the professional (yes professional) photos before the decor goes up.  Especially with the beautiful Nanaimo fall colours as a backdrop, it is a perfect opportunity for real estate images.  

Now for our tips on spooky decor:

Decorate the outside, not inside (a few fall pieces are good, but keep the spook outside).

Use accent colours like black or white but not too much.  

Try using different colour pumpkins (especially the warty ones) to make a statement.  It means less cleanup the day after. 

Carve your Jack-o-lantern the day of Halloween or the day before so it is nice and fresh.  

What we suggest you avoid? 

Try to stave away from the really gory or really scary.  If someone does want to see the house the day before Halloween, it might be too much if they are walking into a headless creature at the front door. 

Speaking of the front door, do not block any entryways with caution tape … it isn’t the right look for the home (as festive as it might be). 

Spider webs, too many decorations and anything that jumps up out at people.  

If you are a big Halloween buff than perhaps speak to your realtor and mention that maybe that day you don’t have any home tours.  It might make it easier to plan that 


Not sure if now is a good time to list?  Get in touch, we can answer any questions you have.  


Photo Credit: HGTV

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