Inviting Home Colours

Inviting Home Colours

We talk, as Realtors A LOT about how important first impressions are – your home’s exterior colour is a good place to start ;).

Below are a few suggestions that we have seen achieve great success:

1- White/off White: Siding and brick alike, this colour palette gives a home a clean, crisp and traditional look. We suggest having an accent colour, for instance, navy or neutral greys.  Whether they be the window trim or shutters, it will help to make the house look well kept after and classic.

2 – Yellow: Okay, no…not Golden arches yellow, but a nice pale shade.  Accented with white trim it will look very warm and welcoming. Definitely a winner!

3 – Grey’s: a nice subtle grey with a white, teal or blue accent gives your home a modern and trendy look without being constant upkeep.  

Clark + Kensington paints have a good tip, “look at the elements around your home that you cannot change or do not want to change, such as a roof or a porch.  Then select your colours to go with those elements “.

If you want to have some advice on updating the exterior or what is needed to make that first impression pop.  Just give us a call 250-751-HOME (4663)

**Images Credit: Bob Vila

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