To plant, or not to plant!

To plant, or not to plant!

Landscaping is one of the best ways to make a wonderful first impression.

For selling, we always recommend clean, and well-kept landscaping.  Flowers that offer pops of colour, and plants that accent your home, showcasing it in it’s the best light.

Here are a few tips on how to accomplish that!  

  1. Lilies … they are a beautiful flower, with a no-fuss gardening mentality.  With a bunch of different varieties, it can add so much to a garden!
  2. Flowering Shrubs.  Green shrubs make a perfect and low maintenance addition to your garden.  Our first love is a Chinese Snowball. When they bloom, they are so beautiful and add a picturesque garden look.  When they aren’t blooming, the green is vibrant and fresh looking.
  3. Hanging Baskets … garden centres are flooded with these beauties for a reason.  Simple (just make sure to water them often) and they add a pop of colour and height to your garden or walkways.  
  4. Minimize your lawn – Add more of a garden surrounding it with hostas and plants, but minimize where you need to be constantly mowing.  Cuts down on a buyer’s Saturday morning garden tending!
  5. Decorate your walkway.  Hear us out, make the walkway pop with some easy pansies and again small hostas – you will make the entrance look amazing and it will cut down on maintaining a yard.  

Landscaping an easy garden will make the difference.  It is inviting, warm and ready for a new family, or yours to enjoy!  

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