Nanaimo, a beautiful place to explore

Nanaimo, a beautiful place to explore

We all know we have some of the most beautiful views in Canada – yes we are being that bold; in Canada! But how do you get out and explore everything that this country has to offer?

We’ve got you covered with a few things you can do to explore the local area – it’s scenery, it’s food and more!

Nature ideas:

1- If you haven’t made the trek over to the Morrell Nature Sanctuary in a while, or ever, this is the perfect place to start! Get out and explore this beautiful area and all its little nature knowledge. Have kids? This is a wonderful area to teach them about treating the environment with respect and how cool it actually is. From there you can explore the dam. The fun never stops!

2- Waterfall tour – We have a few beautiful waterfalls in Nanaimo, why not head on an adventure to explore and find your favourite! But in case you need a guide:


3- Whale watching and ocean walks – Who doesn’t like to get out and explore the views so up close and personal?!

Not into Nature – we get it… why not do a food tour?


We recently shared some of our fav places to eat in town

But how about adding the Nanaimo Bar tour to the list – yes, our own dessert and it is a Canadian classic! There are 39 GLORIOUS DESSERT stops to eat your way through.

Remember to check out all the things you can do with your family – waterparks, parks, and recreational activities, or what about taking them to a local park to get to know your neighbours.
Exploring is the best part of becoming part of a community, especially if you just moved into the area!

Tell us what your favourite Nanaimo outing is on our Facebook page!


**Image Credit: Michael Anderson – c/o Nanaimo Tourism

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