Adding a little style, in an unexpected place!

Adding a little style, in an unexpected place!

The Powder Room aka the half bath!  A small but mighty space in your home, that often gets overlooked when it comes to the decor!  

The small bathroom that you have for ‘guest use’ is actually a wonderful addition to your home, especially when you want to sell.  Almost every buyer is looking for a small bathroom (some are found under the stairs) to ensure that guests are not going through their personal space when they are over!  

So what can you do to give your powder room a little personality to make it a ‘room’, and not just the guest bathroom?!  

  • A floating sink: this feature gives the room the appearance of being larger and more spacious.
  • Embrace patterns – seriously, this is what the designers are saying.  Embrace the idea of different types of patterns, wallpapers, and textures.  You would be surprised how different the room will look!
  • Tiles – like the patterns, add a few crazy patterned tiles or something you might not want to do on a grander scale throughout the home.  
  • White, white and more white! There is a proven school of thought that an all-white bathroom sparkles clean and bright.  Makes it stand out, especially if you have dark floors.

Use shapes for mirrors and accent features such as pictures.  An oval mirror, a square sink, and some funky colours!

BAM! You have a small little feature room that will be a fun way to stage your home (if you are selling) or a neat talking point for your guests when they come over!  

Are you getting your home ready to sell and want to find out other tips that could help sell it faster?  Get in touch, or call the office  250-751-1223.


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