Who is ready to get the Spring air rolling through the Island?  Spring is ALMOST HERE, even though we have a slight chill still in the air… it is a good time to get your home ready for the season.  

So how can you get your house Spring ready?  A few simple steps:

💭 Windows: We know in most lists windows are number one or two for home maintenance.  It is important to get the mildew and crud of Winter off of them inside and out (still too cold to do the outside? Divide it up and do the inside first!)

💭Decluttering: In case you missed the ‘Marie Kondo’ trend of January/ February, Spring is one of the best times to purge your home of unnecessary things!  Grab that bag of gently used clothes in your closet (or car) and drop it off where people can really use it. What about those boxes you haven’t used since you moved in? Sell them online and make the most out of the space you find!  

💭 Repairs: What about those repairs you needed to get done?  Drain pipe leaking? Or you need to make sure the basement vents are still secure from critters.  These things are good to do as the thaw happens so you know if you could have leaks or bigger problems down the line!

Need more ideas on Spring Cleaning your home?  

💭Check your fire/smoke/carbon dioxide alarm batteries

💭What about your dryer vent?  Give it a clean out from lint and give the dryer a fresh Spring start!

And our most important and significant tip we can give you for your Spring freshen up?  

Clean your BBQ and Backyard furniture!! Clean off those cobwebs, dust out that bbq and get ready for the awesome Vancouver Island Summer nights ahead! 💥


Happy Spring Nanaimo!

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