Love is in the… Market

Love is in the… Market

Love is in the… Market

Seeing as it is Valentine’s Day, it is only fitting to share our expert tips to help you fall in love with your next home!

What are you looking for in your next home? Do you have a specific list for your realtor? Clients tend to look for the “perfect” home, but have you considered the “imperfect” ones? Starting a reno can be a HUGE job, but if you do your research and follow the right path, it could be the best decision you have ever made! Rome wasn’t built in a day, am I right? Or maybe a renovation isn’t in your future plans, or your budget. It can be VERY overwhelming! But in all reality, not every renovation is planned. You can end up running into home issues that are totally unpredictable. The key is the budget for renovations going into any big purchases!

How about that view? If you aren’t sold on the home, the view will almost always take the cake. Luckily, Vancouver Island is surrounded by incredible views! Ocean views, mountain views, lake views, you name it. Take a look at our featured properties here and ask your realtor about your favourites!

Do you have a favourite coffee shop? Your perfect home could be just around the corner!

Our best tips and tricks to help you to fall in love with your next home:

  1. Know the neighbourhoods. If you are new to the area, ask your realtor! We are highly experienced in knowing the ins and outs of each neighbourhood, and we will always point you in the right direction.
  2. What are your “must haves”? Make a list of the must haves and the ones that would be an added bonus.
  3. To renovate or not to renovate? That is the BIG question! Prepare your budgets, know your game plan, and ask your realtor for advice.
  4. Wait for that “Ah-ha” moment! The perfect home is out there somewhere…even if it takes some time, buying a home is no race!

If you are looking for advice or have any more questions, reach out to us! We are always looking to share our tips and help you fall in love with your next (or your first) home!

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