The Strangest Street Names in Nanaimo

The Strangest Street Names in Nanaimo

Strange Street Names of Nanaimo

If you are a resident of Nanaimo, BC than we’re sure you have seen some of these strange street names around town. For those of you haven’t here is a list of some of our favorites. If nothing else these are sure to give you a good laugh!

Dingle Bingle Hill

Dingle Bingle Hill

Located in the Uplands area this is our top pick for favorite street names!

Twiggly-Wiggly Road

Twiggly-Wiggly Road

This fun street is located in the Westwood Lake area. Close to hiking and walking trails. As well as a great lake to spend the day at.


Bergen-Op-Zoom Drive

Bergen-Op-Zoom is actually a small town in the Netherlands. This street is located in the North End of Nanaimo, it’s also just really fun to say!


Giggleswick Place

This one makes us laugh for obvious reasons. This one is located in Central Nanaimo and is a quiet dead end road. A quick walk across the highway gets you to plenty of shops for all your basic needs!

Strange Street Names

Robinhood Drive

Located in the Sherwood Forest Area. Where most of the street names are all Robin Hood related. Others include King John Way, Nottingham Drive and Bowstring Close. This area is close to Sugar Loaf mountain and one of Nanaimos most stunning beaches, Departure Bay.

Honorable Mention

  • Jinglepot Road
  • Buttertubs Drive
  • Lazy Susan Drive
  • Chick-A-Dee Crescent
  • Bob-o-Link Way

Let us know in the comments if you can think of any other strange street names we may have missed!



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