Typical Realtor Lunch in Nanaimo Real Estate

Typical Realtor Lunch in Nanaimo Real Estate

Enjoying A Quick Lunch

Lunch on the go for this Nanaimo Realtor! When you go from a Brechin Hill appointment to a Central Nanaimo appointment you have to grab lunch on the go!

This view was much better than the one from Graeme’s desk as he enjoys a Baby Salsa burrito and enjoys the scenery of Newcastle Island and the Nanaimo Harbour. This beautiful spot is on the waterfront edge of Brechin Hill, which is just North of Downtown Nanaimo and the Old City. Up for an adventure? Catch a passenger ferry to either Newcastle Island or the Dinghy Dock Pub on Protection Island.

Some other restaurants to enjoy in this area are:

  • Beach Fires
  • Zouglas
  • Beef Eaters Chop House and Grill
  • Manvirros Indian Grill
  • White Spot
  • Carlos O’Bryans
  • Miller Pub

Brechin Hill is full of cute character homes, apartments, new condos and most of Nanaimo’s marinas. Wanting to buy in this area? Give us a call at 250-751-HOMe (4663) or click here to check out our featured properties in this area.


Brechin Hill Newcastle Island Nanaimo B.C.

A seaside Realtor lunch on the go!

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